Dynamic Shooting Bag



1 Dynamic Shooting Bag (Prefilled)


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Made in EU

Get more rounds on target by establishing a stable shooting position. Our ultra-light Kriterium™ DYNAMIC SHOOTING BAG will do the trick when engaging targets from barricades, roof tops, tank traps and tires or when shooting standing or kneeling.

Product Details

Made from Cordura 1000D and already stuffed with an extra-fine and ultra-light EPS filling for excellent durability and usability. The tapered design of the bag gives you a lot of options and makes it more comfortable e.g. when pinching it in your armpit or hollow of the knee.


Use the shock cord to mount it directly to your arm or rifle and to control the stiffness of the bag. The back side is made with ToughTek to provide a non-slip surface in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions. Comes with an ITW Nexus TacLink carabiner to attach it to your belt or backpack.


Made in Austria.


Durable Cordura 1000D shell.

Non-slip back for extreme grip.

Ultra-light polystyrene filling.

Tapered design for maximum flexibility.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 395 g / 13.8 oz.

Dimensions: 310 × 220 × 85/170 mm / 12.2” × 8.7” × 3.3/6.7”

Material: Cordura 1000D / ToughTek & Polystyrene filling

Color: coyote brown

Safety Warning: Safe gun handling is your personal responsibility at all times. Always verify your actual point of impact before using any of the provided ballistic data in any hunting or tactical application. If you are uncertain about any of the provided data, seek qualified instructions.