Data Card Holder – Kriterium Long Range Gear
Kriterium is a trademark of The Full Battle Rattle (TFBR) - Innovation Club for Mountaineers and Marksmen, based in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2017, the team behind TFBR consists of precision rifle competitors from many different professions sharing the same passion for progressive industrial design, the great outdoors and developing top-tier products for ambitious mountaineers and marksmen.
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Data Card Holder

Competition Edition


1 Data Card Holder

2 Mounting Screws

1 Binder Clip


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Made in EU

Mount essential shooting information like D.O.P.E. cards or reticle holds directly to your Spuhr ISMS Mount, KeyMod or M-LOK rail. Our Kriterium™ DATA CARD HOLDER positions critical data in your sight while you can keep your eye on target.

Product Details

Designed to mount one (1) Long Range Data Card directly to your Spuhr ISMS Mount, KeyMod or M-LOK rail. Data cards are easy to slide in and the curved surface of the arm keeps your card in place (*we recommend using a fold-back clip for additional support when shooting dynamic).


The ultra-low profile design was optimized for competition and hunting scenarios to prevent snagging on barricades or shrubs. Engineered utilizing light Polyamide (PA12) with matt black surface. Comes with high-grade steel mounting kit and fold-back clip.


Designed in Austria. Made in EU.


Holds one Kriterium Data Card.

Ultra-low profile design.

Light and durable construction.

Binder Clip for secure hold.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 13 g / 0.46 oz.

Dimensions: 38 × 23 × 33 mm / 1.5” × 0.9” × 1.3”

Material: Polyamide PA12

Color: matt black

Safety Warning: Safe gun handling is your personal responsibility at all times. Always verify your actual point of impact before using any of the provided ballistic data in any hunting or tactical application. If you are uncertain about any of the provided data, seek qualified instructions.