Long Range Data Cards
Dynamic Edition

When time is your enemy, Kriterium LONG RANGE DATA CARDS bring a whole new level of precision and reliability to the ambitious shooter. This waterproof and tear-resistant sniper data book features a density altitude-based Ballistics Module, the most efficient and fail safe alternative to all battery dependent calculators.


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Field Reference Card

Get the most out of every range session with our Kriterium FIELD REFERENCE CARD and establish a streamlined workflow for shooting long range. Learn to collect and visualize all essential data you need for solving ballistic problems in the field and make those difficult first round hits.


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Dynamic Shooting Bag
Coyote Brown

Get more rounds on target by establishing a stable shooting position. Our ultra-light Kriterium™ DYNAMIC SHOOTING BAG will do the trick when engaging targets from barricades, roof tops, tank traps and tires or when shooting standing or kneeling.


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Data Card Armboard

Keep your most critical data like D.O.P.E. cards, target data or other essential information always at hand. Our Kriterium™ DATA CARD ARMBOARD mounts directly to your forearm for easy access and reduces your error rate when shooting long range in dynamic environments.


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Data Card Carrier
Molle-Lok / Tek-Lok compatible

Make your D.O.P.E. cards, target data or field notes easily accessible by mounting it strategically to your gear. Our Kriterium™ DATA CARD CARRIER can be equipped with Molle-Lok or Tek-Lok attachments and mounts directly to Molle platforms or duty belts.


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Data Card Holder
Spuhr / KeyMod / M-LOK

Mount essential shooting information like D.O.P.E. cards or reticle holds directly to your Spuhr ISMS Mount, KeyMod or M-LOK rail. Our Kriterium™ DATA CARD HOLDER positions critical data in your sight while you can keep your eye on target.


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Upcoming Products 2023

Range Card Patch
Coyote Brown/Olive Drab

Write down and attach your most critical data to wherever you want. Our Velcro®-backed 2” × 3” RANGE CARD PATCH is flexible, fully weatherproof and provides ten rows for essential ballistic data: Distance, Elevation, Spin Drift, Windage.

Rear Bag
Coyote Brown

Increase accuracy and precision in the field by building a solid rear support. Our hand-sized REAR BAG utilizes a textured and rubberized material providing exceptional grip and stability. The level of elevation can be adjusted by simply squeezing or releasing grip tension.

Barricade Bag
Coyote Brown

Get more rounds on target by establishing a stable shooting position. Our versatile Kriterium™ BARRICADE BAG will do the trick when engaging targets from barricades and also serves as solid read bag. Can be attached directly to your rifle utilizing two Velco® straps.

MDT Accessories

Chassis Front Grips

Enhance rifle control for barricade style positional shooting without disturbing barrel harmonics or the risk of grabbing a hot barrel. Our FRONT GRIPS for MDT ACC® chassis provide additional gripping surface while allowing unlimited use of exterior and interior weights.

Available 10/2023
Data Card/Magazine Holder

Keep track of critical shooting information and improve your rifles ammunition capacity at the same time. Our Kriterium™ DATA CARD/MAGAZINE HOLDER mounts directly to your MDT ACC® chassis or M-Lok® rail and serves as data card holder, magnetic magazine holder and 90° barrier stop.

Available 10/2023
Buttstock Data Panel

Mount essential shooting information like data cards and range card patches directly to your MDT SRS X® or MDT SRS XF® buttstock. The Kriterium™ BUTTSTOCK DATA PANEL provides a versatile 2” × 3” Velcro® surface without compromising any of the buttstocks functions.

Available 10/2023

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Safety Warning: Safe gun handling is your personal responsibility at all times. Always verify your actual point of impact before using any of the provided ballistic data in any hunting or tactical application. If you are uncertain about any of the provided data, seek qualified instructions.