Field Reference Card

Standard Edition (Metric Units)


1 Card (2 Pages)

210 × 148 mm (DIN A5)


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Made in Austria

Get the most out of every range session with our Kriterium™ FIELD REFERENCE CARD and establish a streamlined workflow for shooting long range. Learn to collect and visualize all essential data you need for solving ballistic problems in the field to make those difficult first round hits.

Product Details

The Field Reference Card deals with the most critical issues when shooting at long distances and features charts and graphics for reading wind, inclination shots, range estimation and moving target engagement. It provides everything you need to fine tune your firing solution.


The Field Range Card provides a broad sketching area featuring a 2.5mm dot grid, center reference dot and MIL/MRAD based reticle for visualizing reticle holds. Marginal information concerning geographic location, environmental conditions and session notes can be recorded in designated boxes.


Both sides of the card provide scale bars along the outer edges for MIL/MRAD at 100m (also serving as centimeter ruler) and for most common map scales.


Made in Austria.


Waterproof & Tear-Resistant: printed on matt coated, heavy-duty, high grade synthetic paper. Outstanding outdoor durability without the disadvantages of lamination.

Metric Units: input and generate all your data using the metric system. No need for conversions from Fahrenheit, yard, fps or inHg. Distance = m; Wind & Lead = m/s; Atmosphere = hPa & °C.

Writable & Re-Writable: all cards are writable with ballpoint, marker or pencil. All non-customized editions can also handle most non-permanent markers. (*)

Technical Specifications

Weight: 9 g / 0.32 oz.

Dimensions: 210 × 148 mm (DIN A5) / 5.8” × 8.3”

Material: synthetic polyester film

Color: coyote brown

(*using non-permanent markers can leave minor marks which can be removed with a soft eraser)

Safety Warning: Safe gun handling is your personal responsibility at all times. Always verify your actual point of impact before using any of the provided ballistic data in any hunting or tactical application. If you are uncertain about any of the provided data, seek qualified instructions.