Long Range Data Cards

Dynamic Edition


32 Cards (64 Pages)

105 × 74 mm (DIN A7)


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Made in Austria

When time is your enemy Kriterium™ LONG RANGE DATA CARDS bring a whole new level of precision and reliability to the ambitious shooter, no matter if they are Military and Law Enforcement professionals, competition shooters or hunters.

Product Details

The density altitude-based BALLISTICS MODULE provides the most efficient and fail safe alternative to all battery dependent ballistic calculators. Learn how to set it up correctly to perfectly match the ballistics of your rifle and ammunition for all possible atmospheric conditions. By applying the concept of Density Altitude (DA) you are able to adjust to all conditions quickly and efficiently, no matter if you are shooting in Finland at sea level and -15 °C or in Kenya at 2000m and +45 °C.


Use the FIELD MODULE for competitions or when on the hunt and always stick to the REFERENCE MODULE to recall the fundamentals of marksmanship. Compare your load with common military ammunition from the CARTRIDGE MODULE and keep track of your round count and barrel life with the INDEX MODULE.


We have collected all the essentials and put it in a package so compact, that you can carry it with you at all times. Kriterium™ Long Range Data Cards provide everything you need to master the art of precision rifle shooting and to maximize your long range hit probability.


Made in Austria.


Fail Safe: 100% analog ballistic firing solutions will neither break nor run out of battery even in harsh environments.

Waterproof & Tear-Resistant: printed on matt coated, heavy-duty, high grade synthetic paper. Outstanding outdoor durability without the disadvantages of lamination.

Metric Units: input and generate all your data using the metric system. No need for conversions from Fahrenheit, yard, fps or inHg. Distance = m; Wind & Lead = m/s; Atmosphere = hPa & °C.

Compact & Modular: sizing only 105 mm x 74 mm (DIN A7) and easily re-arrangeable to match your personal preferences.

Writable & Re-Writable: all cards are writable with ballpoint, marker or pencil. All non-customized editions can also handle most non-permanent markers. (*)

Technical Specifications

Weight: 110 g / 3.9 oz

Dimensions: 105 × 74 mm (DIN A7) / 4.1” × 2.9”

Material: synthetic polyester film

Color: coyote brown

Need help calculating your ballistic data? Visit our → Ballistics Page and learn how to complete your Ballistics Module with your elevation and windage data to perfectly match your rifle and ammunition.

(*using non-permanent markers can leave minor marks which can be removed with a soft eraser)

Safety Warning: Safe gun handling is your personal responsibility at all times. Always verify your actual point of impact before using any of the provided ballistic data in any hunting or tactical application. If you are uncertain about any of the provided data, seek qualified instructions.